Bible Studying 101

Hours and hours and hours later…. it is finished. (lol) I  recently asked on social media for blog requests ideas. One was to do bible studying videos! Now that I have the ability to post videos on my posts I can not wait to do these. Today, I laid down the foundation for future posts. Rather than jumping right into the bible I wanted to give insight into what my study time looks like!

Bibles and Translations I use:

  • The Message Canvas Bible
  • The Passion Translation
  • She Reads Truth (Christian Standard Bible)
  • Holman Christian Standard Bible
  • NIV
  • NLT


Teen to Teen: 365 Daily Devotions by Teen Girls for Teen Girls

Daily Bible Devotion App- unnamed


Tips and Tricks-

👉 Highlight, Highlight, Highlight! I find it so much easier to remember what I’ve read or written down when I put of an more emphasis on it.

👉 Don’t be afraid to write in your bible! I know to some that may feel uncomfortable at first, but I believe to dig into the word you have to leave your mark too. You have to be able to feel connected to what you’re reading and studying!

👉 Bible Journaling! Bible journaling is a great way to bring life to your bible. It’s fun and you don’t have to be the most creative to do it. Pinterest ideas! (My cheat method shhhh) When you read something and it sticks out to you draw what you feel. Even if its  emphasis on one word- For example I’ve drawn a rotten egg before just from reading the word rotten. You have an unlimited amount of possibilities. The bible is your oyster… get it.

👉 Apps! Devotional apps are great ways to know you’ll read scripture for the day and to kick start your study time.

👉 Tabs! Like I say in the video I did steal this idea from Twitter haha. You can buy a five pack of tabs at Walmart. Label each one something different such as anxiety, love, self worth, encouraging, guidance, fear, etc. Place the tabs with scriptures that correlate with them. Then if you’re ever feeling one of those things you can turn to that specific color tab and find scriptures for the very thing you’re dealing or struggling with.


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