The end of a person’s life. Well this life. I’ve grown up with death all around. We all face it at some point in our lives. It can seem super scary. I get that too. But one thing I’ve noticed from death is people run from it. What do I mean? I’ve had countless people avoid me or even worse say they’re scared to talk to me. Like really guys it’s like I must have bad breath or something. I won’t bite. Think about it. Death is uncomfortable. What do we say? How do we go about it? I’ve went through several uncomfortable feelings. I’ve worried about what people will think if they see me being happy? Is it even okay to be happy? What if someone asks me how my mom is? What if they don’t know? What if I meet someone new and they ask about my mom? Do I just brush it off? It’s all super uncomfortable for the human mind. I’ve had so many people support me. I’m grateful for that. But in really hard times it will amaze you how people act. I’ve learned compassion through this. We need each other. For me, I’ve wanted to be surrounded by people, not wanting space. Don’t let death scare you. Yes it’s not fun. But it’s not over. We’re on to a better life after this. Be consoling to one another. A friend. A shoulder to cry on. I say all that because that’s what I’ve needed. It may be uncomfortable for you, but put yourself in the other person’s shoes. I can promise you it only makes someone feel awkward if you make it awkward. I’ve said “I won’t cry if you don’t.” We’re stronger together. I encourage you to support someone. Things are happening all around us. You know someone personally who is dealing with a tough situation. Reach out to them. You’ll want the same some day.

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