Look Up

You look up at the sky and all you see is more sky. Surrounded by sky. You think about how big the world is. So many places, such vast depths. It’s truly amazing. There’s people who don’t even speak the same language as you. Don’t even live on the same continent as you. Looking up at that same sky. This one big thing we all have in common. You can look up at it and feel closer to someone. You don’t feel as far away from someone you love. You can see the beauty that hides inside of it. The canvas God has painted for this day. A special painting held for only 24 hours and then on to the next. Beautiful sunrises, sunsets, stars, moon. Looking up at cotton candy skies or a palette of clouds it feels like anything is possible. You can close your eyes and feel like you’re anywhere you want to be. New York, Hawaii, the mountains, the ocean, or loving the place and moment where you’re at. The sky holds many treasures, questions, and dreams. I love the way that I feel when I look up, invincible. Then you look down and reality quickly sets in. All the things you try to avoid or not to think about they’re all around. Life. It’s better to look up. That’s where our promises are. That’s where God is. That’s why you look up and know his promises that are in store. Future. Purpose. Destiny. Look up and the world doesn’t matter. Everything is simpler. Less complicated. Close your eyes, let a grin shine on your face, and hold on to that.

“It’s hard to be down when you’re looking up.”


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