“Your brokenness is welcome here.”

Well I did it. We did it. Only with Jesus. If my family can me it through my mother’s favorite holiday then we can do this. I’ve noticed this has started to turn in to one big journal… and I love it. I could never get into writing in a diary or journal, but put a spin on it and call it Blogging and I’m all in. This truly was a great Christmas. I won’t lie. When I woke up my first instinct was to avoid the entire day. I realize Christmas is about so much more. I just wasn’t quiet ready to let go in a way. It’s hard. Approaching the “firsts.” Maybe it’ll get easier, maybe it won’t. The only thing I care to know is that it’s live-able and it is. I was blessed with gifts and family outings this year. I’ve entered into a new tradition on Christmas Day. It’s very special to me. I grew up with a small family. Me and my parents. We did the holidays with just us three. I loved it, but I’ve always wanted a big family. Now I have just that. I’m blessed to be able to spend the holidays with my boyfriend’s family who’ve adopted me in. People tend to take that for granted. Don’t do that. Treasure your family time no matter how big of headache they give you. You are blessed. Here’s to a new year and many more “firsts.” I’m going in with confidence that I can and I will. Merry late or early Christmas!

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