Christmas Eve

Just hours until Christmas 2017. Today I am thankful for another year and another Christmas. I know that for me to still be alive means my purpose has yet to be fulfilled. I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings. Great things are already happening. This has been the hardest season and holiday season yet. I’m thankful for a God who fills my wounds with love and peace. I’m thankful I can find comfort in him. I am thankful to feel his presence with me wherever I am. Today I am thankful for all of the things my mother left with me. I can still feel her telling me everything is going to be okay. I can feel her with me. I’m thankful. When I feel like I don’t know what I possibly could be happy for I can look back on these posts and know that there’s so many things. Hopelessness is a lie. There is hope all around. I choose to grab on to it and hold on tight. It can be so hard to see the good sometimes just like trying to find the sun on a cloudy day, but it’s always there. Merry Christmas Eve.

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