SOAP Bible Study Method

Good morning! I did some research on a very reliable source, Pinterest, on bible studying  techniques. There’s hundreds and hundreds of different ways to dig into and unfold the word of God. I wanted to introduce you guys to the method I am trying out right now! The “SOAP” method.

S– Scripture Write a verse that stood out and resonated with you.

O– Observation What was interesting to you? What did you learn? What was God speaking to you?

A– Application How can you apply the scripture to your life? How will you let it change you?

P– Prayer Respond to God in prayer. Use the scripture as a guide. Meditate on the word and apply it to your life and the season you’re in.

Yesterday I read out of Thessalonians and this is the chunk of scripture that stood out to me.

S– “And now we look back on all this and thank God, an artesian well of thanks!” 1 Thessalonians 2:13 MSG

O– There is an artesian well in Jasper, AL. An artesian well has no pump. The pressure pushes the water out on its own without help.

A– I believe we are being called into a season of Thanks. I see an artesian well full of Holy Spirit and living water just at the point of being pushed out. But it’s not there yet. Through this time our continuous prayers, praise, worship, and thanks to the Father will cause Holy Spirit to burst from the well and flood Jasper, AL with its presence.

P– God we enter in your house with praise and Thanksgiving. God we step into this season of thanks. We believe great things are to come not only to this house but for all of Jasper. We call forth all warriors of God to push through and push Jasper to advance. We thank you for your promises. We thank you for what’s to come. We thank you for Jasper, Alabama. I thank you that it’s not finished. I thank you that even when people lose all hope in Jasper, that you’re still working. We exalt you. We call forth Holy Spirt, Erupt. The time is here and now. Flood Jasper. It’s our time to advance. It’s Jasper’s time to advance. Break through the well God. Holy Spirit move. Living waters flow. We release pressure for you to move. In Jesus name.

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