Post Finals


Today should go down in the books! I am officially done with my first semester of college, but more importantly I am done with ALL SEVEN exams! This semester has probably been the craziest roller coaster of my life. I’m wrapping it up thankful and hopeful. Not so much thankful that I have to take one more math, BUT thankful that it is only one more! Hopeful that I will make it out all in one piece hahaha. I am so excited for this holiday season. No matter the circumstances or changes, I’m looking forward to pushing through. I get several messages, tags in posts, and videos sent my way now on a daily basis. My aunt sent a video of a man giving his testimony. He talked about how he lost his wife just a few months ago. It wasn’t what happened to him that stood out to me it’s what he said about it. I can’t put it word for word but he said “The devil thought he had won, BUT instead he created a weapon.” That’s how I am choosing to respond to life. I am a weapon. Bring it on. A pen pal of mine sent me this “My prayer is that when I die, all of hell rejoices that I’m out of the fight” – C.S. Lewis. I’m now in this weird stage of feeling like I have so much to do even though I just finished my biggest stress load! Can anyone relate? Happy holidays and Merry Christmas. I couldn’t be happier for this break!

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