We’re Swimming To The Deepest Depths Of You

Last night I had a vision of all types of animals coming together and walking to something. I thought they were walking to the arc, but instead there were people too and they were walking into the flood. God is wanting us to walk into his flood. He wants us to walk into his living waters, his unending depths of mercy, grace, he wants us to trust and neglect fear. Holy Spirit can invade our lives and our cities like a flood, we have to want it and we have to go to it! God is calling us to swim to the deepest depths of him. We will not drown. He is never ending. There are so many layers to who is. This is just a taste. There are blessings unimaginable, healings unbelievable, and breakthroughs we never thought possible. Run straight into the flood, not away!

“God we’re swimming to the deepest depths of you. We’re getting lost in you. We want more. Flood our lives, our minds, our bodies, our families, our churches, our schools, our cities, and this nation. Wash away the bad, the old, the ugly. Remove doubt. Remove fear. Let us learn how to swim in you. Let us get lost in Holy Spirit. We’re going after you. Flow into this place. Spirit break out!”

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