Conquering Anxiety

I wish I could give the answer to this, but to this day I still haven’t figured it out myself. Anxiety is a very real thing. I know sometimes I’ll joke around and say things like “That gives me anxiety,” but in reality I’m probably being serious lol. This was another blog request so I wanted to try my best to help. Also if you guys have any pointers I AM ALL EARS! I remember when I first started dealing with anxiety I was younger and it was over the weirdest things— like watching a softball game and worrying how it was going to turnout or my worst fear as kid… storms. I was terrified of the remote possibility of a tornado. My anxiety started out with “the shakes” is what we’ll call them. I still will deal with episodes of this but not near as much. My whole body would start shaking and I couldn’t stop it no matter what. So my parents would hold me until I either feel asleep or they went away. Today I deal with anxiety with a new friend…. splotching. Everyone who knows me knows I splotch. It’s gotten to a point where I will turn red over just about any emotion— nervous, upset, mad, you name it. It’s so annoying too! Unless I walk around with a turtle neck on all the time people can usually know when something is up with me and I hate that. It’s like I have no privacy and I’m broadcasting it to the world even if I don’t want people to know. I say all that to say I don’t know how to conquer anxiety fully. I’ve learned ways to help me cope with it. So don’t think you’re crazy with however anxiety affects you I promise you I feel you. Here are some things I do to help me calm down:

  • Slow Deep breaths. Breathe in your nose and out your mouth. (What I do most!)
  • Listen to some throwback music. (Seriously helps to jam out sometimes)
  • Walk outside and get some fresh air.
  • Think about things that make me happy. For me I tend to think about my future— Things that I want to do etc.
  • Change the subject. If I’m talking about or thinking about it and I can feel myself getting anxious, I’ll talk about something else or try to think about other things.
  • Close your eyes. Sometimes I find it best to just relax and forget about everything around me. I like going outside on my porch and closing my eyes and just listening.

If you have any methods you use to help battle your anxiety let me know maybe they’ll help me too!

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