The Galies

The internet can easily be the best or worst thing ever invented. Well in this case it gets a tally mark for the better! A few weeks ago I commented under a post on Instagram that basically said if you want a pen pal comment here and then message each other. I was a little skeptical because isn’t it everyones biggest fear of people not being who they say they are? Especially if you’re going to exchange addresses… yeah I was scarettt. BUT I promise all 12 girls that I’ve been blessed to come across are in fact teenage girls just looking for pen pals like me haha. I get asked all the time “Do you even know that many people” based on my followers or how many people I follow. I would actually love for that to be the case. Having so many friends spread throughout the country is literally the coolest thing ever! I encourage you find a pen pal as well, you never know you may met your best friend. Here are my new bffs: (Go check them out! They’re the cutest!)

Our Joint Instagram: thegalies_

Our Joint Twitter: thegalies_

Ainsley: ainsley.forbes

Blake: blakebeeker

Kristen: kristenbearden

Kenzie: kenzieblevins

Elena: elenaengelke

Lauren: lauren.xue

Maddie: maddiebrwn

Madisyn: madisynpritchett

Molly: molly.mohan

Addie: _addiejones

Kaylyn: kaylyngordon_

Sarah: sarahscottcraig

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