Where do you get your clothes? 9/10 every piece of clothing I have on will be from Forever 21! Though I’ve loved thrift shopping lately it’s becoming an addiction.

What kind of makeup do you wear? My everyday makeup: Face– Moisturizer of the moment, Maybelline Face Studio primer, Covergirl Outlast All Day concealer, Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation, Rimmel Stay Matte powder, Airspun translucent powder. Cheeks– Kat Von D contour palette, Anastasia highlight kit, and blush differs. Lots of products I use will be things I get in my Ipsy bag that month! Right now I am using a Tarte Amazonian Clay blush. Eyes– Urban Decay eye primer and my eyeshadow  differs. Eyeshadow is usually the only makeup product I’ll splurge on, but I’ve slowly stopped wearing it at least most of the time. I use L.A. Colors liquid eyeliner (A DOLLAR) and it is seriously the best! The mascara I’m currently using is Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes.

What’s your favorite book of the Bible? It’s so hard to pick a favorite, especially because I haven’t read every single book but…. I do love Psalms and Ephesians!

How do you study the Bible? I try to do different things to stay connected with my word. Bible Journaling has turned into an awesome outlet for me! I definitely believe you have to find a version that you can understand best. For me that’s The Message version! It’s been great for me. I always struggled when it came to reading the bible, but this version has made everything make more sense for me. There are two great apps I love: Devotion and the YouVersion Holy Bible. I make it a point in my prayer to ask God to make me hungry for his word.

What is your skin routine and how do you take care of your skin? My skin routine is basically no skin routine haha. I use Neutrogena makeup remover wipes. I am currently using a First Aid Beauty moisturizer (thanks to Ipsy). My dermatologist told me to wash my face with Dove soap and that’s it! I will sometimes use two creams for acne that my dermatologist prescribed me.

Are you a morning person and if so what tips/suggestions do you have for those who aren’t? I think I am a morning person…. most of the time! If you aren’t find things you can look forward to in the mornings for me COFFEE. I also do most of my bible studying in the morning times. Pray about it! As soon as you wake up decide to be happy! It can really work, I promise. Now I can wake up on my own, but I hate being woken up by other people or noises… that’s a different story. Does that ever happen with you guys? You’ll be asleep not bothering anybody. Then the entire house decides to literally raise the roof haha.

How do you edit your photos, what apps do you use, and what filter? I get asked this question A LOT! I use Lightroom, VSCO, and PicsArt. I will also use Facetune sometimes to get a white background. I use C5-C9 for editing on VSCO. I love C7 most! I’ve really been into using color highlights and adding cute stickers to my pictures. PicsArt or Snapchat are great for that!

How do you keep strong faith in Jesus? I don’t know how I could keep it together, be sane, or find happiness without having trust in something/someone far stronger than me. Even when I want to be full of doubthe moves in ways I can’t imagine. I think the best answer for this question is to constantly win the battle over your human flesh. Push past not wanting to advance. The times I feel God most are when I absolutely don’t feel like or want to pray, listen to him, read his word, or listen to Christian music BUT do it anyways. My biggest thing is why not? Why not have faith? What’s it going to hurt you or cost you to do so? Nothing. It can only benefit you.

How do you get Blog Post ideas? I either will feel or hear something in my spirit or I’ll be inspired by something I’ve seen or heard throughout the day!

2 thoughts on “Q&A

    1. Yes it’s so hard! By mom had been sick for a while and we had talked about what if. I’m just taking it step by step. Some days are worst than others, but trying to be happy and be able to laugh is what I try to focus on. I miss her so much it’s the strangest feeling ever. As far “The One” I think it’s different for everyone. Some people say they know the moment the meet someone or for some people it takes time. I think you’ll know when you feel completely safe with that person in every aspect and you feel safe in thinking of a future with them. Relationships aren’t perfect that’s the main thing to remember. “The One” doesn’t mean you both still won’t mess up or get mad at each other, you’ll just love each other enough to move past all of those things!


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