Fix Us then Use Us

Someone once told me that’s it’s okay to ask God to fix you. To say “God you created me now you have to fix me.” I had never looked at it that way before, thinking it was okay to hold God accountable like that, but it is. We sure can’t do it. He is our creator. He knows how we’re made up and he knows how to put us back together. During my prayer time last night I heard “Fix Me” then “Use Me” in that order. In the alphabet we all know the letter F comes before the letter U. Going along with that order I felt God tell me that he was fixing me to use me. In a new way. I believe that goes for any of us. The Father is in the process of fixing our brokenness to use us to help fix others. It’s a process and it’s happening. Even if we feel like we aren’t seeing a change, it’s here. Ask the Father to work that process inside of you.

“Fix me God. You know how I work. You know my missing pieces. Put me back together. Shape me into a new. Use me in a new way. Use me to help fix others. Use me God.”

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