19 Confessions Of A 19 Year Old

Journal Entry 10/29/17

  1. When I was little but old enough that I should have known… I thought instead of the word “flush” that it was “plush” when referring to flushing a toilet. The day dad corrected me my mom smacked him and cried telling him he was taking away my childhood lol. 🚽
  2. Last year my preacher asked my to check the coffee pot to see if it needed more stuff put in it… when I went to check I brought back the completely wrong thing. Everyone got a laugh out of it. I had no idea how to even fix a pot of coffee. (Maybe you had to be there). ☕️
  3. I’ve never seen Forrest Gump or Harry Potter. 🎞
  4. I’m scared of the dark, like for real. 🌚
  5. I have a blanket my grandmother made me before I was born. I still sleep with it. It’s name is “Blankey.” 👶🏼
  6. When I was little but old enough again to know better I think…. I didn’t know you were suppose to take time during a bath and clean your belly button. I didn’t know it needed washed. 🛀🏼
  7. I would always pretend I was asleep in the car when we would get home late from being somewhere so that dad would carry me in the house and lay me in the bed. I still sometimes pretend to be asleep to avoid having to respond to conversations haha. 😴
  8. When mom would fix breakfast I use to eat parts of the biscuits before I handed them to her for her to put on the pan to be cooked.
  9. I’ve never changed a diaper. 🤐
  10. A few days after I got my car I got it stuck in a ditch, in a flood, in a strangers yard, and had to be pulled out. I then had no gas and the only money I had on me were quarters. I bought $3.00 worth of gas in quarters and went home embarrassed also with a little dent in my new baby. 🚗
  11. I use to eat play-doh in day care. Not “My Strange Addiction” worthy, but just to see what it was like since it was so fun to play with. I was four…. four year olds are odd. 🤥
  12. I use to think clouds were angel’s beds and that’s what they slept on. 👼🏼
  13. My mom had to make me go on my first date. I was 15 and the boy was my boyfriend, but I cried like a baby. She prayed for me and made me go. I don’t know why I was so scared haha. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  14. I’ve watched every episode of Friends, One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, and several more thanks to Netflix. Proud moment. 🏆
  15. My cousin made me watch a movie one time and during it someone flushed the toilet and when they did something came out of it. For years I was terrified to flush the toilet so I would flush it and run. 🏃🏼‍♀️
  16. I’ve just recently noticed, thanks to Tanner, that I cough when I sneeze. True multi-tasking. 🤧
  17. Every time I watch something remotely scary even though I don’t watch anything horror related I have to turn the tv on Disney Channel before I go to sleep. 📺
  18. I use to hide my dad’s alarm clock so he couldn’t go to work and I would get to spend the day with him… it didn’t really work. ⏰
  19. I use to say “9210” when I played doctor and gave my patients compressions. I don’t know what 9210 means and I didn’t know they were called compressions a the time.

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