Stars and Galaxies

About a week ago I had a dream that I felt repeated itself 10-15 times. I would go onto Pinterest and look up “Stars and Galaxies.” Over and over again. I was amazed and in awe of how beautiful the pictures were and no matter how far I scrolled down that didn’t change. I woke up and was like wow that was strange, but I also knew…. that meant something. I’ve never had dreams and woke up feeling like they had meaning and that God was speaking to me, though recently its happened a few times. Its incredible. Having a dream and then digging into it and finding out what God is telling me is amazing to me, beautiful. When I woke up the morning after this dream I went right to the actual Pinterest and searched “Stars and Galaxies.”


I couldn’t make sense of it at first. I googled and nothing. Then it clicked and the simplest way possible. I thought that was funny. We tend to make things more difficult than they are, but with God its simple. All I heard him say was “That’s how I look at you.” The way I was in awe of what I had searched on Pinterest and how beautiful I thought they were is the same way God looks at us. Out of all the beautiful things he’s created, we’re his favorite. Out of stars, oceans, and mountains all the things we see as God’s most beautiful creations he sees as under us. We are the top, the best of the best. We are beautifully created and he is in love with us.

More Pictures that I thought went perfectly with this: Taken by Levi Sanford!


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