At The End Of My Rope

Good Morning! Guys I thought I had heard the most amazing lyrics, but like we all do at times…. I had them all wrong. I’ve mentioned before the song “O’Lord” by Lauren Daigle. I was listening to it again yesterday and heard a part that I was like “Ohhhhhhhh I likeeeee.” Turns out that part doesn’t exist, but I’ve decided to go with it. SO the lyrics I thought I heard were “Your strength is found at the end of my rope” the actual lyrics are “Your strength is found at the end of my road.” I feel more of a connection with what I thought I heard, and actually it could have been what I heard. God very well could have let my mind believe it heard one thing because it was what I needed to hear. Cray-zy right? Now that we’ve cleared the air “Your strength is found at the end of my rope.” I find such peace in these words. They’re so true. His strength is found at the end of my rope. When I’m tired of fighting and want to give in and give up He fills in the gap. His strength comes in when mine can’t even come close to being enough. I’m so thankful for that. That He cares that much. That He swoops in when I’m at my wits ends. It’s amazing the love He has for us. It’s even more amazing watching Him do the the things we think are impossible. We don’t always have the strength to get through, but when we allow His to add on to ours we have it all.

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