Birthday Surprise

Last Friday my parents surprised me epically. Mom put me on the phone with a woman telling me she needed me to write down a phone number which led to me being ultimatley confused. Finally I realized we were going to my favorite place, the Holiday Inn in Panama City. Due to crazy amounts of homework because college is the real deal and Labor Day traffic would’ve been cray we chose to go this weekend. Which worked out perfectly because thankfully I didn’t have any assignments to do over the weekend! Yay me! After last weekend and this weekend I feel like I can honestly say this has been the best birthday. I realized in turning nineteen that the ages that seem to bring new abilities such as driving or being an adult start to fade away. However my family and friends made me feel so special and humbled. Birthdays are so important, everyone should feel special on their big day. My parents went above and beyond this year, they outdo themselves every year. When telling people we were going to the beach that puzzled “Are you crazy” look seemed to appear on their face. Hahaha. We had a safe weekend trip and a beautiful one at that. Standing on the beach looking at the ocean with waves crashing in it was so crazy to me how something so beautiful could also be so destructive. We prayed in the direction (hopefully the right direction we aren’t the best with directions and lacked a compass) of where Irma was. I felt God removing all fear even within myself. I kept hearing the song “Your praise will ever be on my lips.” I felt God saying to me that when life is beautiful one second and then falling apart the next all He wants is our loyalty and trust in Him. Even if everything falls apart He still makes a way in the end. It may seem as if it’s over, but it isn’t. My prayers are with everyone and every family affected by the natural disasters that are taking place. I pray that God will continue to unite us together, to love, and to have compassion for those around us even if we aren’t personally being affected. Here’s to seeing what awesomeness God is going to do and here’s to turning twenty!

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