Self-Relflection, Vulnerability, Simplicity

God has really been feeding my spirit, what feels like more than he ever has before. 3 Topics I have been feeling, hearing, and thinking about.

  1. Self-Reflecting– Webster’s Dictionary defines it as: careful thought about your own behavior and beliefs. I view self-reflecting as something that needs to be a necessity. Something  that needs to be done everyday if not several times a day. I was told once that it is important to reflect on a daily basis. It’s how you keep yourself in line and how you hold yourself accountable. Reflect on your words and actions. For example: Reflecting after conversations shared with people— Did I say anything out of the way? Did I say anything that could have been received in an offensive manner? Can what I said be told and retold out of proportion and lead to chaos or put me in a bad situation? There are many things we can reflect back on but the most important thing is to actually do it. When you do that it shows growth, it displays you taking hold of your actions. It can lead to a successful “Think before you speak.” Self-reflecting is evidence that you’re striving for a healthy lifestyle, it shows that care about your actions and how they are affecting others.
  2. Vulnerability– I heard God say “For this to work, You and Me, you have to let me in. You have to give me control.” That’s so true. Think about your life. How many years you  went trying to steer the wheel and having all the power. How successful was that? Maybe for some amount of time it was okay, but in the end we realize we just can’t do this without help. God needs us to be vulnerable to what he is wanting to do and to what he is saying. We tend to want what we want and do what we want. Just imagine the time, effort, hurt, and disappointment we would save ourselves by saying “God my life, it isn’t mine. It’s yours. You gave it to me and now I give it right back to you. I trust you. I have the hope and the faith. I am now allowing myself to be vulnerable to you. Where you say to go I’ll go. When you to move I’ll move. I give over my fears and emotions and allow you to work in my heart. I will accept your guidance and your loving constructive criticism.” Vulnerability is key to a successful life. Give God the wheel, save yourself the learning experience of realizing “Man I should have done this sooner.”
  3. Simplicity– I heard someone say “It’s a simple gospel. We may it difficult.” It is a simple yes to the Father and no the world. It’s a simple “Yes, no matter how hard it gets I still trust you.” It may not always be the easiest, but it is worth it. It is simple enough for me to just say ” Yes God, your will and your way be done.” Simplicity is defined as: the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do. God’s word lays it out for us— who God is and what we’re called to do. 1.) I understand that you sent your son to die so that my sins could be forgiven and that one day I can spend eternity with you Father. 2.) I know that my job is to now go and make disciples, to spread your good news. I will share the love, hope, peace, kindness, affection, compassion, gentleness, and patience that you have shown me. Being a Christian is simple. Now don’t get simple and easy mixed up. It definitely is not always the easiest but it is simple enough to understand and do. Sometimes we just have to fight a little harder.

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