My First Living Through History Moment

My First. My First Living Through History Moment. I know what you’re thinking “Macey you’re eighteen you’ve witnessed history before today.” While that is true, for me this is one of the big things that I am old enough to remember or got super excited to say I was apart of. My first solar eclipse. August 21, 2017. Today, I witnessed my very first and possibly only solar eclipse. Building up to today I was prepared with my eclipse glasses and all. Let me just add that they resemble 3D glasses to the extreme hahaha. I was very happy to add them to my life box. If you know me or if you don’t I am a huge memory person. I have a box dedicated to my senior year, its filled with all kind of random things I collected along the way. I have a few life boxes, but my current one being: college. Which is what these bad boys will go in. The next solar eclipse is not set to happen until April 8, 2024. Living in North Alabama, we weren’t as lucky as others to view the totality of the eclipse. Though, my experience suits me just fine. Seriously coolest thing ever! It looked as if there were a photo filter on us. If you missed out on the chance to see it definitely look up pictures or videos! Today marked another first for me. Whether or not I was paranoid the entire time about my eyes lol , I watched it anyways, and so happy I did.

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