My First Day Of College

My First. My First Day of college ✔️ I have officially completed my first day of college. That is CRAZY. This time a year ago I had no idea what was in store for me. I spent most of senior year in a frenzy over the future and now here I am at step one. When I decided to go to Bevill I knew that it was part of God’s plan for my life. He solidified that by blessing me with my scholarship. My college journey has just begun, but my ambassador journey started a little earlier. I have loved every part of it. All I want in college is to push myself. That’s my goal— To push myself in my academics and my people skills. My biggest want is to meet new people. I see that won’t be an issue considering  I don’t know very many people in my classes hahaha. I was always told that college is way laid back. That it is nothing like high school. That you definitely have to study. That you’ll gain the most weight you ever have because you have plenty of time to eat lol (words from my mother). I can definitely say that I know one of those things to be true so far. College is nothing like high school. I loved high school. Like every situation it had its perks and faults. But college feels like a fresh start. A new opportunity to make yourself. To change what you haven’t liked or been proud of in the past. The one thing that bothered me about high school was once you were there that was that, people had their mind made up about you and that didn’t change for four years. Now here I am at a community college. So I get the chance to start over twice, again two years from now. I love that people get to decide for themselves what they think of you. I love that you’re surrounded by people who don’t care what you were in high school. I don’t want it to seem like I didn’t like my high school self, because that’s not the case. For me, I faced a battle called word curses. Now I don’t any longer. I have a fresh start. My first day of college I woke up at 7am because the thing I was nervous about most was parking. Not class itself, but “How early do I walk into class?” I don’t know what the rest of the semester holds, but I pray all good things. I especially pray to retain all information and not have a problem with my classes. You’re more than welcomed to pray that with me. I know I myself as well as every other student would gladly appreciate it, very much so. My first day of college— clean slate. Thank you God for giving me the gift of a new beginning.

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