Bible Journaling

I've fell upon a new hobby this summer. I always grew up writing in my bible— notes, dates, highlighting, etc. Then I went through a period where I only used my phone. The "Holy Bible" bible app is amazing! There's so many versions you can read in. I loved using it and still do, but I wanted to grow more in my reading. Reading the Bible hasn't always been something I've done especially consecutively. I asked for a Bible Journal for graduation and because of my lovely mother and boyfriend who pick up on my hints, I got two. Hahahaha. Thankfully two different versions! Even better! My favorite versions to read out of are The Message, Holman Christian Standard, NIV, and NLT. You can pull one scripture a part in a hundred different ways. When I started out journaling I had no idea where to begin so I did what any teenage girl would do in a crisis… I went to Pinterest. I did that for a while, but as I started reading my bible more and more and making it habit to do so everyday I wanted what I was drawing to not be random or someone's else's art and ideas. I've started to ask God to make me hungrier for his word and to reveal his scriptures to me in a new way. So now every time I read I feel it in my spirit what to draw. Instead of drawing one big picture I've discovered I love doing lots of tiny ones. Sort of like a tattoo sleeve on a piece of paper or just a collage (but the other reference sounds cooler.) When I talk to people about bible journaling I notice that it can seem intimidating. I'm no artist so I know drawing in a bible can make you afraid that you're going to ruin the whole thing. If you're doing it for God he doesn't care how artistic you are, he sees you heart behind it. I do have a few tips if you're starting out or are wanting to journey into this new hobby.

  • Don't feel the need to make it perfect! Sometimes I can draw things from my own perspective and mind, but most of the time when I feel or hear something I google what it is whether it be a fish, eyes, or a bandaid (yes I drew a bandaid) to get an idea.
  • Pinterest can be your best friend if you're wanting ideas or are starting out.
  • You don't have to have a designated "Bible Journal" use any bible of your choice or at your hands.

Bible Journaling has helped me be more eager to read my word. It's helped me grow creatively and definitely awakened my prophetic side even more. I encourage you to try it out. Lay your thoughts out on paper! You have all the freedom in the world, no limitations 🌎

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