Make It Fun

School is back in session or at least soon to be. In the wise words of Hannah Montana "Life's what you make it so let's make it rock." I'm beginning my freshman year of college this fall. Many people are stepping into mild stones of their own this year— Kindergarten, Jr. High, High School, Work Force. So many opportunities and many new journeys! I look at every new year and school year as a clean slate. If you don't like the student you were before, make the changes. If you see yourself as a person who's not involved, get involved! There's nothing like making memories via school spirit such as pep rallies, clubs, sports, games, any activities your school offers. There is always something for you that will interest you. Don't be afraid. My biggest thing in high school was school spirit. That is something that depends on you guys! It's not the school. It's not a winning season. It's your mindset. I graduated from a school that never had a winning record in football any of the four years I attended, but that didn't stop us. Transitioning from freshman to senior I felt the atmosphere of high school itself shift. I learned as a baby ninth grader that high school was everything I wanted to be. High school was what I would choose to make it. So for me I chose to bleed blue and white. I chose to love my school through the good and the bad. High school can be the best four years of your life if you let it. As for me I'm entering college. I'm looking towards another goal— an even better four years. I encourage you to be a leader. To be the one to not stay hidden in the crowd. Take up for the kid who's being picked on. Stand with the kid in break who's by them self. Stand up for what you believe in. Make a difference in your school. All these things I wish I would've done more of, but now I have a new chance. Like I said, each year is a new year. Forget your past self. Don't care what others say. You have a leader inside you. It only takes one person to step out and people will follow. Enjoy your life! Don't spend it focusing on being bitter. Happiness is choice. As hard as that seems sometimes. This post is kind of all over the place and I've touched on this topic several times, but repetition can be key hahaha. Good luck to everyone in this new season! I pray many blessings over you, your family, community, school, work. Whatever role you're stepping into whether senior or employee You Got This.

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