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From Now On, Things Are Looking Up

“Out to sea again, we sailed north under the protection of the northeast shore of Cyprus because winds out of the west were against us, and then along the coast westward to the port of Myra. There the centurion found an Egyptian ship headed for Italy and transferred us on board. We ran into bad weather and found it impossible to stay on course. After much difficulty, we finally made it to the southern coast of the island of Crete and docked at Good Harbor (appropriate name!).” Acts 27:4-8 MSG

“With our appetite for both food and life long gone, Paul took his place in our midst and said, “Friends, you really should have listened to me back in Crete. We could have avoided all this trouble and trial. But there’s no need to dwell on that now. From now on, things are looking up! I can assure you that there’ll not be a single drowning among us, although I can’t say as much for the ship—the ship itself is doomed.” Acts 27:21-22 MSG

• "We ran into bad weather and found it impossible to stay on course."

– This text describes life perfectly. Sometimes we run into some bad weather— health issues, death, financial issues, attacks on our mind, breakups. It can feel impossible to stay on course, impossible to feel like life gets better, or impossible to keep trying and looking forward.

• "After much difficulty, we finally made

– After all the trials we face and situations we go through, we come out stronger on the other side. There are brighter days ahead even when we can't see them. We were created to be able to handle and face anything thrown our way. We have victory inside to overcome our battle. After much difficulty, we finally made it. After it's all said and done, you will make it.

• "Friends, you really should have listened to me."

– As humans we can tend to be stubborn, and want to do things on our own, and our way. God will send us mentors and friends who can give us guidance to keep us away from certain bumps on the road. God himself gives us guidance. Our conscience gives us guidance. That feeling you get in your gut gives you guidance. However, sometimes no matter how many people try to tell us something we don't listen. This scripture describes human beings exactly. Do you ever see a friend go through something you went through such as dating someone who isn't healthy for them? I think a lot of us have. A lot of us get upset because we've been through that same experience and we've tried to give advice but we're not listened to, and it happens. Each person's life is different and so are their choices and experiences. Sometimes it takes realizing things on our own, but we can also escape all the huss and fuss by listening to God. Listen to your mentors and leaders. You can by pass much pain and stress by being willing to not always be right. (Preaching to the choir, I know!)

• "From now on, things are looking up! I can assure you."

– Take this scripture to heart. Read it and speak it over yourself. Read it as a promise from God that things are looking up. These words give me hope and comfort. Assurance is important. Knowing that there are brighter days ahead is important. From now on, things are looking up. From now on, it gets better. I could say this scripture over and over again. Do the same, speak it over your life. No matter what chaos it looks like now, in this moment, I choose to believe and know that From now on, things are looking up. Life is for me and not against me. God assures me that I am His child and He wants what is best for me.

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