Song Of My Father

When silence falls

I hear You call

In a secret place

You still my soul with quiet joy

And I'm wide awake

In the middle of the night

I look up to the sky

I can hear You

Singing over me

Through the fire and the flood

I know that I am loved

I can hear You

Singing over me

You spoke the earth with just one word

And You hold my heart

My every step, my every breath

Is Your work of art

These lyrics are beautiful. I heard this song while driving the other day and fell in love. The lyrics even go on to say "I hear Your melody I hear Your symphony there's nothing louder than the song of my Father." How true is that? The song from our Father blocks out any other noise. When we give ourselves moments with the Father, it is complete peace. Have you tried it? Whether you're driving in your car, taking a shower, or laying in bed take a moment and say "God speak to me. This moment is between just us." Listen to Him. Breathe. Close your eyes. Hear what He has to say. I find so much peace by listening to worship music and just sitting criss cross applesauce with my eyes closed. Picturing it being just me and Him. He wants that one on one time with us. If you're really looking to block out the world. Find a safe place, a quite place, and spend time with Him. God speaks in many ways. You don't just have to hear His voice. I've had many different encounters where I feel Him talking right to me. Sometimes I turn my car on and a song comes on that speaks directly to how I'm feeling or the situation I'm in, and I know He's listening. Sometimes my inside starts to feel warm and I'm happy for no reason at all, and I know He's with me. One night I was driving home, it began to rain, and I knew it was Him speaking to me. He was letting me know He was there with me. That may sound crazy, but sometimes He needs to physically wash us clean to get rid of all the yuck. Everyone feels and hears God in different ways, but catch what I said— Everyone feels and hears God. You know when it is Him and He is not limited to just some. You have a connection with Him. You have a personal relationship with Him that is different from everyone else. What your "Song from the Father" sounds like, is not the same as the next person. He desires a unique, one on one, personal relationship with each of us.

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