Here Is Your Sign

I happen to come across this picture while scrolling through Pinterest, which by the way is an addiction in itself! I felt not only that it was for me, but to be shared also. Here is your sign! Whatever came right to your mind, here is your answer. Whatever it may look like to you. Here is your encouragement to know you can. Here is how you know you will make it through your bump in the road. I believe in signs from God. I believe God can speak to us in crazy ways. The lyrics “Sign sign everywhere a sign” come to my mind, maybe with a different meaning than orginally intended. Nevertheless, look for signs! Look right here. Whatever you’re facing, whatever decision you’re not sure to make, wherever it is you’re not sure to go: this is it! Take this as your sign. Don’t think too much into it, just go for it. If it sounds crazy, it is crazy. That’s the fun in it! Take your leap, make the jump. Go for it without fear! #HereIsYourSign

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