Senior Skip Day

Today was our senior skip day! 🎉 It was pretty clear to all of us that the Zoo had to be the place go. We all met up at Chick Fil A and then car pooled our way to the Birmingham Zoo. Our first encounter was the Giraffe Feeding Zone, possibly my favorite part! We had the privilege of feeling Mr. Jalil. Quoting the sweet worker who helped us if you haven’t fed a giraffe before “What have you been doing all your life?” My next favorite part, the flamingos! They didn’t care to be fed today, they wanted lots of sleep as most of us did too. Next we hit up the Lorikeet Feeding. A lorikeet landed on my head as soon as we got inside! It bonded with me I guess because it didn’t leave for quite some time. It even crawled down to the end of my hat and looked down at me… (I sound a lot calmer than I was at the time.) There were so many great exhibits and animals at the zoo. Including the Komoda Dragon who just couldn’t seem to get one little mouse, maybe he did eventually. After the Zoo, we found the cutest burger joint, Twisted Root BurgerDelicious! 🍔 When you ordered the ticket you received had unusual names on them such as: Ferris Bueller and Gwen Stafani. Our ticket said “Eminem/Slim Shady.” When they called our order out they said “Will the real Slim Shady please stand up.” I found that to be hilarious, almost as much as the holla back girl. Then we were off to swim. Which to make clear, was not the warmest. However, it was a blast as well. Especially playing hot potato, or me attempting to play successfully. Tanner and I finished the day with breadsticks and Netflix, and today has been my definition of a perfect day. I’m very grateful knowing I’ll have this memory to look back on forever. Happy skip day everyone! ☀️

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