Four Year Hitches

I don’t know how I got here so fast. It’s just now hitting me that such a huge part of my life is over. I know, I know, really it’s just high school. Really cheerleading? Yes. Seriously. Four years ago it felt like we had forever. Forever to cheer on the sidelines. Forever cheering three nights a week for basketball. Now I would give anything to do it all again. From freshman year when I had to do fifty elevators in a row just to learn how to stand correctly. Thank you KC. From butting out in toss to hands, my specialty. From dancing around on the back of the mat when it was crunch time before comp and it was suppose to be a serious matter. From falling into great friendships with seniors and having our hearts ripped out when they graduated. Then Sophomore year. Our first year to go to camp at UAB. Doing motion class with Mrs. Gann and having to start over because someone dropped. Thinking we still have these three more years, we have nothing but time. Then onto Junior year…. guys it’s getting serious. We are upperclassman. Going to Ace and walking outside thinking the world had ended because of the time change it and it was completely black. Senior year. It’s our year guys. Let’s go out with a bang. Let’s leave our mark. From tryouts to our last game. I’m sure we’ve shed thousands of tears. From our crazy get togethers to winning county. It was all worth it. The hardest part, leaving it behind. Leaving the underclassmen behind who you spent every day with, so many laughs with. Leaving your own classmates behind. Leaving two other girls who I spent four years with, every Friday night with, and everyday with. Thanks to our group message. So our time is over. I’m an emotional wreck. It happened so fast. But wow was it not the greatest adventure…. most of the time hahaha. From watching the senior pep rallies and being in elementary school to having ours here in just a few short weeks, it’s surreal. G.W. Keith Stadium here’s to you. Carbon Hill High School here’s to the memories. To the Class of 2017 here’s to us. We will always be “That Class.” May no other class ever compare. It’s our moment guys. Hold it tight, because in 35 short days we’re the next batch of Carbon Hill High School Alumni and it’s on to the next.

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