Positive Mind Postive Life

I am a firm believer that having a postive mindest and outlook on life can shift your atmosphere. Even when everything seems that it is down in the dumps, think of something good. There is always a good. If you catch yourself in the gutter and can’t seem to feel anothing good, take a breath. Breathe. Push aside your thoughts. Think of everything you have to be happy about it what you have to look forward to. Having a good attitude is key. Having a good attitude sets you apart from the crowd. Have a good attitude about your school or your job. Have a good attitude when dealing with others. Have a good attitude in general and about life. You will go so much farther in life with a good attitude rather than a bad attitude. Especially when it comes to interveiwing for scholarships or jobs. “So much in life depends on your attitude.” That is so true. How you look and feel about yourself shows in your attitude. The respect you have for yourself and others is displayed in your attitude. Your attitude can determine someone else’s attitude. Whoever your are influencing watches you like a hawk. Whether you have younger siblings or older siblings, your behavior can affect your whole family. You can bring people and their days down with your words and actions. Be the person who can easily make someone’s day with just your presence. Life is so precious. You don’t want to spend whatever time you have being negative, live a happy life! God wants us to be happy. Happiness is inside of you, you just might have to dig a little deep to find it! 

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