Out Of My Mind For Jesus

“If we are out of our mind [just unstable fanatics as some critics say], it is for God; if we are in our right mind, it is for your benefit.”‭‭2 CORINTHIANS‬ ‭5:13‬ ‭

I love this scripture. Our pastor showed this to us Sunday night saying, “I have found the verse for Worship Life.” It could not be more accurate. “Out of my mind for Jesus.” To do this right, to do Jesus justice, we have to not care what the world thinks. Let critics be critics. But I’m going to have fun and rejoice in the Lord. Whether I look like a crazy mad man or not. Go big or go home. The crazier the better. Jump, dance, shout, sing. He loves it all. I grew up not being so free to do things for the Lord. Raising my hand in church was hard enough. Speaking out in church made my insides grow on fire and I just couldn’t get the words out. I thank God for taking me out of that stage in my life. I can see how much I’ve grown and I only want to grow more. I never want to be afraid to speak or dance for God. He deserves everything I have to give him. My best advice if you’re a little shy or just not exactly sure on what to say or do. Is to push yourself. You have to jump right out of your comfort zone. It may feel odd at first or scary even, but that effort pleases God. By being faithful to God, He will be faithful to you. He will take you from your human flesh into your spiritual flesh, where you’re able to block out everything around you and be free. Just you and Him. Push push push. You’re entering in to a new level. God is giving you the “oxygen to breath in new levels,” we spoke these words out on our prayer tour and they’re so powerful. Never be afraid. You have nothing to fear. 

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