Prom Proposal

So tonight after watching The Beauty and The Beast. We’re walking out and I’m giving Tanner my very important feedback that is very vital for the film. Hahahaha. As we are walking out I see my mom 😂 Surprisingly I wasn’t too in shock to see her there. If you know my mom you would think the same thing. I love you momma. Tanner started leading me in the opposite direction and it was towards the men’s room and I was like woah woah woah! I look in front of me and my heart melted! Tanner asked me to prom in the sweetest way possible. I couldn’t be more surprised. He’s no beast though, he is most definitely handsome 😘 He pulls out a yes sign. (I work at a bridal store and take “yes” to the dress pictures) Therefore, this was perfect. Everyone was watching and my dad starting a clap. Of course! I heard awe’s and I’m sure I turned ten shades of red, but for a good reason. I’m so thankful for my sweet boyfriend. There’s no telling how much time and effort went behind tonight. So blessed for nights like tonight. You’ve made my senior year. Thank you!

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