Every battle faced

Every battle faced is a new way to form a connection with someone; to advance the kingdom of God. Everything we go through in life has meaning. Sometimes it sucks, there’s not other way to put it. Sometimes we can’t make sense of situations. Why do bad things happen? It all seems to be clear to me now. Everything we go through someone else has already faced or will face. We are able to be by someone’s sad in tragedy or loss because we know of the pain it afflicts upon us. We are able to bond and relate. There’s a sense of peace in that. There’s a sense of “I’m going to be okay” in that. Knowing someone understands. So use that to your advantage. Look at life’s obstacles as ways to make connections. Reach out to people. Be a friend. Someone knows exactly what you’re going through. You know exactly what someone is going through. Be that helping hand. Bond. Connect. Help. Relate. Don’t let obstacles overtake you, turn the tables and use obstacles to save lives.

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