One last semester

One last go around at The Hill. I don’t even remember my locker combination let alone being ready to start a obtaining a degree. I’ve always heard “Senior year flys by,” those words could not be more true. As the end grows closer the people I’ve spent the past four years with start to mean more to me. I may never see their faces again, but I’ll always be able to have the memories. Memories where Nil falls down every bleacher freshmen year, sophomore year throws us all into a loop of being detectives, junior year…. *crickets*, and senior year where we bring back the lip dub! In all honesty, I’ve loved every part of high school. The homecoming bonfires and Mr. Gann’s scenarios. I’m hopeful for many more great memories to tag on to the rest. I hope to grow closer to everyone all 98 or so of them. Five more months! Prom. Graduation. It’s all right at my fingertips! Here goes nothing 🎓

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