Happy New Year

2017 is here 🎉  As the clock turned to midnight last night the past years of my life flashed in front of me. The year that seemed so far away was here. It is here. I’m here in it. This is weird. As much as I want to be sad, being that this is my graduation year, I have a sense of peace. I’m happy. I feel like my life is just starting. My purpose is about to unfold. So many things are to come this year. Senior prom, graduation, starting college. I can’t wait to see where I end up when 2017 comes to a close. I pray this year is full of new opportunities and adventures! Let this be our year, allow nothing to hold us back! Chase dreams! There’s no better time than the present. Here’s to 12 months of making each better than the last. With the New Year comes New Years Resolutions. I haven’t put much thought into any this year but let’s see…

  1. Let life do its thing and don’t try to run it yourself
  2. Pray for answers to tough decisions instead of worrying
  3. Stay in shape
  4. Grow spiritually
  5. Do something really crazy
  6. Try to lay off the Pepsi no matter the temptation
  7. Have good character
  8. Be kind to those around you even if it’s really really hard
  9. Have good work ethic, don’t lag behind
  10. Push yourself to do better and be better

I hope all of your expectations of 2017 become reality. Instead of “New Year, New Me” I declare it “New Year, Be Free.” Be free from your past, be free from the things people have spoken over and done to you, be free from the old you. Clean slate. It still feels like a dream to me, but I’m ready!

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