Just Another Post About 2016

Waking up this morning it’s just now hitting me that 2016 ends in a few days. I may not be ready for this upcoming year, but in a way I feel like it’s the year I’ve been waiting for ever since I was a little girl counting up on my fingers to the year I graduate. There’s no slowing down time. So as I realize that I graduate high school in five short months I choose to be filled with “hope.” I powerful word that was spoken over me this past weekend. And why not be hopeful? There’s so many exciting things yet to come in life. I know looking back I might feel silly at how much I let the thought of life itself consume me, but I can’t help it. I love thinking about my future. Now college, not so much. I constantly have to remind myself or be reminded that everything does in fact work out according to God’s plan. As humans we try so hard to not waver from that. To know and to stand firm in that fact. I know for me it can be a bit hard sometimes. Looking back over the past year I feel as most people do. Not accomplished. I’m not where I want to be, but I will be. I’m choosing to be a better me this upcoming year. I’m choosing to put God first this year. I’m choosing to not let my mind and thoughts have power over me this year. I’m choosing to just “throw it up” as Mrs. Sykes would say. I’m choosing to let everything work out like God has planned. And I’m saying these things so that I can look back and hold my self to them. I’ve slacked, but God hasn’t on me. I’m forever thankful for the many things that He has done for me over my eighteen years. As for 2016 a few moments I’m most certainly thankful for and never want to forget are

 The sleepovers where we really didn’t have the room but couch cushions made reasonable beds


 Endless trips to Lin Garden because everyone loved the smell of it when I brought it to school


My very first trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras where I realized you really don’t want to step in the mysterious “Bourbon Juice” and that the penguins from Madagascar had it right all along “Smile and wave boys just smile and wave.”


 I was blessed with my beautiful E, Eliana, who I really do need to clean.


My last cheer tryout in high school


I chopped my hair off (there’s no turning back after that last inch)


The scavenger hunt where our team kicked massive butt


I ran track…. never again


I was apart of Walker County Youth Leadership “Blue Team baby”


Kickball champs, as always.


 Upward Bound!!!!!


 I ventured to Orange Beach for the very first time.


I met my life long friends and bridesmaids at Girls State


I had the time of my life at Identity Awaken camp because you can’t go or do anything with Worship Life and not have a a crazy incredible time.


 I went to the Windy City!


 I’m officially 18 and my opinion does matter now mom.


We won our last homecoming and it was one of the best nights of my life.


I took on Six Flags for the first time where I fell in love with rollercoasters.


 I had my senior night and cheered my last high school football game, crazy.


I voted!!!!!


We took back County!


 Not to end on a sappy note but I ended up with the boy I’ve been crushing on ever since I met him. 

So if you made it through all those I’m proud of you. Maybe at first I didn’t feel accomplished about this past year as I began to write. But now I feel very happy. I’m still a kid or so I choose to be. 2016 was great. I still have room to grow, but who doesn’t. As for now I’m getting to enjoy life being young and this year I feel like I did just that. Not perfect, but it felt like it most times. I’m so thankful for my family. My friends. Everything. So here’s to 2017 the year that changes my life. I’ll finish high school, start college, and who knows what I may get myself into. As always Yolo. I challenge you, including myself, to yolo also. No like really. Do the things you normally wouldn’t, no not drugs. Maybe go for the 12 count nuggets or go parasailing. Same thing. Don’t hold anything in. Tell your crush how you feel because they could feel the exact same way. Tell your friends how much they mean to you because if you’re a senior like me, you may not see them again after this year. Honor your parents, I know mom I’m preaching to the choir. Show your pets lots of love, you’re their whole world. But most importantly be yourself. Truly. Don’t let the world define you. Figuring out who you are, who you want to be, is so exhilarating. Follow your crazy dreams, buy that pair of jeans, the eyeshadow palette you’ve been debating on, the pair of boots, or if you’re like me buy that dress you can’t sit down in if you would like all seams to remain in tacked. Beauty is pain. So happy 2016 and to be cheesy, not Eric McGinnis “Cheesy,” just corny… 2017 you are my year. Or actually be like Eric. If you don’t know who Eric or the infamous Cheesy is, be the guy who walks up the escalator on the side that’s going down. To finish and summarize 2016 as a whole *dab* (I’ll regret putting that in later) yolo.

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