Let your inner Lion out

Last night was our annual kickball night at WLC! A lot of you probably have no idea what I’m talking about so I’ll fill you in! I attend Worship Life Center- think of the greatest, funnest, and the most free place you’ve ever been and it doesn’t hold a candle to this place. In today’s society it’s hard to feel like you can be yourself. The people and this atmosphere make you feel completely normal. You yourself feel completely comfortable to be the awesome person you are and to grow to be even more awesome. Okay away from that side note every Sunday at the end of the month we fellowship with kickball! I remember starting WLC I was not as eager to play but now I’ll take you down, literally. So thinking about last night and how I’ve grown more competitive (not as bad as Wayne Lee) I thought of a Lion. In our world today we have to awaken the inner lions within ourselves! Strive and thrive baby. Our roar being our battle cry! We have to take action. If we want a change, then let’s go make it! Don’t hide your roar, use your voice! No matter how small you may be no one can do what God called you to do! You may feel like a 🐭 but you were called to be a 🦁


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