Mardi Gras New Orleans

I had the opportunity to be apart of a mission trip with SUM bible college to evangelize on the streets of Mardi Gras this past week. I can honestly one hundred percent say it changed my life. I got to see Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street in a different way than what is portrayed. I will never forget this beginning. All we had to do was share love, not judge. I encountered people from all over the world. If all I did was help lead one person to salvation I feel accomplished. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store. I know for a fact that I belong to a big city! I miss it and the people so much! If you ever have the opportunity to go outside your comfort zone, do it! Push yourself. I did and I can feel the difference that just one week made. I love traveling and I feel like this is just the start for me. I have several videos that I plan to make into one to upload to my channel just for a memory mainly for myself. It’s been a while! xoxo Macey

Mardi Gras Video Diary 💗🎉

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